Everyone! 2013 is the year we’re going to FINISH this project. So get involved! Email me if you want a song: julia.scheele [at] gmail [dot] com.

Your FINAL DEADLINE is March the 1st of 2013!

Available songs are in BLUE. GOGOGO


Okay, not sure what happened here, but it’s probably that I got confused and reserved this song for two people. In any case, it’s definitely not a loss because both entries are absolutely stunning – and here is Katherine Verhoeven‘s:


By Mirita!

By Thomas Cuschieri!



By Francesca Mancuso!



By Mat Pringle!




By Sally Jane Thompson!

69 Love Songs, Illustrated has been in the press these past two weeks!

First off there’s a short article at the Slate Magazine website here.

And secondly, we’ve been featured in the Guardian‘s Populist Guide here.

New comics are waiting in my inbox, to be posted up as soon as I grab some minutes spare time – which is when I’ll answer the barrage of emails I’ve been getting, too!

Also, anyone who hasn’t submitted anything for the past deadline, I’m giving you another week to send things in. After that, I’m putting out another call for submissions. So get drawing, people!


By Paul Smith!

By Remco Wetzels!