Here’s the three most commonly asked questions I get about this project:

Q: Can anyone contribute?
A: Pretty much. Send an email to julia.scheele[at] with a link to your blog/website or some examples of your work, just so I can see that you do draw/your work is up to scratch. Be warned, cause I’m running this on the side to a day job and many other projects, it may take me a while to get back to you! To see what songs are still free, click on the “Pages” link at the top of the page.

Also: people, you do NOT have to be a “professional” illustrator, comics artist, designer, whatever. If you like the Magnetic Fields and your style fits the job, you’re in. God, I don’t even think I’d call myself a “professional”, much less impose that kind of restriction on the creativity of anyone interested.

Q: Can I buy these?
A: Not at the moment, no. There’s been interest in collecting all of these for print, but we would need The Magnetic Fields’ permission first, obviously. I have sent their management an email notifying them of this non-profit project, and have received no reply as of yet. Maybe one day. When we have a lot more contributions.

Q: How many pages/what format/does it have to be a comic?
A: The maximum number of pages is six, so far. It’s easiest if you send me .jpg files that aren’t too huge, so easy to load on the web. It doesn’t have to be a comic! People have submitted single illustrations, photography, short stories, or graphic art so far. Also, hold on to your originals in case these almost non-existant publishing plans shall come to fruition one day in the future.